Anderson Cooper Knocks Heads With Dinesh D’Souza: Isn’t it ‘A Little Cute’ to Argue You Were Selectively Prosecuted?

Anderson Cooper spoke to Dinesh D’Souza on CNN tonight, and the two had a contentious stare-down over the conservative filmmaker’s claim that he was targeted by the government for criticizing Barack Obama.

D’Souza has been shouting his allegations far and wide ever since President Donald Trump pardoned him last week over his illegal campaign donations to failed Aenate candidate Wendy Long. The conservative pundit led off the conversation by admitting he broke the law, then doubled down on his argument that “nobody in American history has been locked up for doing what I did” to criticize “a very narcissistic president.”

Cooper responded by that noting that D’Souza “offered no evidence” of selective prosecution during his sentencing hearing. So he wanted to know why D’Souza is driving this claim now.

“You’ve said this was selective prosecution. In court you never actually argued that. In fact, your attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case but not arguing selective prosecution. They were arguing complex legal technicalities. You offered no evidence in a discovery motion of selective prosecution. At your own sentencing hearing, you said ‘I never even said I am being selectively prosecuted. I feared I was.’ Isn’t it a little cute to argue selective prosecution on TV, but not in court when you had the opportunity to make that argument?”

D’Souza argued that federal prosecutors wouldn’t allow his lawyers at the time to see FBI files that might’ve unveiled a connection between the courts and former attorney general Eric Holder.

Cooper noted that D’Souza went on TV at the time of his case with claims of selective prosecution, but even though D’Souza didn’t have any proof back then, he said that the Congressional Oversight Committee has discovered a file classifying himself as a conservative and Obama critic. D’Souza touted that as proof that the Justice Department had identified a political enemy, though Cooper wondered if that was just the FBI making a note of D’Souza’s political views as part of a broader profile on his person.

D’Souza eventually spun away by invoking the lack of legal action against Rosie O’Donnell because she went over the legal limit with her contributions to Democrat political campaigns. Cooper noted that the difference was that O’Donnell didn’t set up straw men to set up illegal campaign donations like D’Souza did.

The two continued to spar, with Cooper grilling D’Souza about how he can really claim he was made an enemy of the state when he hasn’t presented solid selective prosecution evidence and was offered a plea deal in his case.

Watch above, via CNN.

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