Anderson Cooper Latest TV Personality To Be Hit With ‘Celebrity Swatting’ Hoax

According to the New York Post, CNN’s Anderson Cooper is the latest television personality to fall victim to a “celebrity swatting” hoax.

The newly-popular prank targeting celebrities involves someone placing a fake 911, sending police to the victim’s home with no real reason. This happened to Cooper last month when pranksters placed a fake call claiming a man had shot his wife inside the home. That residence turned out to be the Long Island home of the CNN host.

Cooper was not home at the time of the prank, but upon arriving at his Quiogue home, the police reportedly realized this was a goof. His colleague Wolf Blitzer also reportedly fell victim to a “swatting” incident last week, after pranksters called police reporting a shooting at the Situation Room host’s Bethesda, Md., home.

Former CNN contributor Erick Erickson was also the victim of a “swatting” prank last year. The common theme among all “swatting” incidents is that the pranksters seek to provoke an armed police response to an innocent celebrity’s home.

The hoax is more widely executed in Los Angeles than on the east coast. In the past, celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna have all been victims of a “swatting” incident.

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