Anderson Cooper on CNN’s Pot-Filled NYE: ‘The Whole Thing Surprised Me’

On Tuesday night, Anderson Cooper appeared on The Late Show and weighed in on CNN’s widely talked about New Year’s Eve special.

Stephen Colbert praised Cooper and his co-host Andy Cohen and wished they didn’t cut away from them as much as they did. Cooper revealed that in order to prepare for the freezing temperatures in Time Square, he bought $2,900 worth of “electric clothing” that heated him during the broadcast that came with battery packs in his socks, underwear, vest, hat, and gloves. He was told he bought the “Ferrari of warming clothes.”

“So you weren’t wearing a coat… you were wearing an environment,” Colbert quipped.

The Late Show host then pivoted to the eyebrow-raising portions of CNN’s New Year’s Eve special in Denver, Colorado, where the festivities had “high” standards.

“Do you still have a contact high from Randi Kaye?” Colbert jokingly asked.

Cooper defended Kaye, saying that it was “legal” in Colorado and that she “did not smoke.”

“Second-hand!” Colbert shot back.

Apparently, Cooper was also caught off-guard by Kaye’s blazing assignment.

“The whole thing surprised me as much as anybody else, I gotta tell ya,” Cooper said.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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