Anderson Cooper Puts Psychic John Edward And Mom Gloria Vanderbilt In The Same Room; Marilyn Monroe Shows Up

On his daytime talk show Monday, Anderson Cooper brought psychic John Edward in to do some readings on him, his crew, and–why not?–his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt, who fancies herself “somewhat psychic” (which caused Cooper to slump back in his chair in one of those, “here we go again” moments), revealed to Cooper that not only had she known Marilyn Monroe, but she was visited by her during her session with Edward.

Edward explained to Cooper that when he sees a vision of someone like Marilyn Monroe, it’s usually just a signifier that the person had someone pass named “Marilyn.”

“They would say, ‘That’s my aunt. That’s my grandmother.’ Not Marilyn Monroe. So it’s kind of a little bit… it’s freaky…it’s freaky.”

As for Cooper? He was loving the fact that his mom freaked out Edward, the psychic who was the subject of a classic South Park episode. “Now it’s not just me who gets freaked out by you,” he said.

Watch the clip, courtesy of Anderson, below:

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