Anderson Cooper Responds to Michael Brown’s Katrina Swipe: Memory Must Not Be Very Good

cooper fema brownEx-FEMA Director Michael Brown is tired of people blaming him for poor Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, and wrote a piece for Politico this week saying he’s gotten blame for things he had no control over.

In particular, he singled out Anderson Cooper for playing the media’s gotcha game in trying to put all the blame on him. He pointed to one report in which Cooper took a cameraman to find people who hadn’t been rescued yet and claimed they used it to make all kinds of broad statements about failed relief efforts.

Well, Cooper fired back last night, finding it a little amusing he got called out in particular. He pointed out there were plenty of journalists who filed reports similar to his, and even showed the video of the report in question.

As Cooper explained, Brown was exaggerating and misremembering the facts of the piece, and he concluded, “Mike Brown, whatever skills you may have, I hope they’re better than your memory.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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