Anderson Cooper Ridicules Fox News’ John Moody Over Retracted ‘Darker, Gayer, Different’ Column

CNN’s Anderson Cooper ended his Monday show with a ‘Ridiculist’ segment that mocked John Moody after Fox News took down his controversial op-ed about the Olympics.

Moody caused a lot of commotion last week after writing a piece that bashed the U.S. Olympic Committee for selecting “darker, gayer, different” athletes to represent America in Pyeongchang. Of course, Moody is Fox News’ executive vice president, so Cooper couldn’t resist a chance to comment on the irony of the network throwing out a piece from their own executive editor.

“First of all, darker, gayer, different is a terrible motto for the Olympics,” Cooper snarked. “It’s not a bad motto for a gay bar, I’ll give you that, but I’ll just assume those aren’t Mr. Moody’s favorite watering holes.”

Cooper proceeded to run through the stats in order to assuage Moody’s anxiety about the U.S. Olympic team being overrun by racial minorities and homosexuals. He went on to call Moody an “antebellum lady on a hot summer day” before wondering why the Fox executive is spending his time worrying about another organization’s diversity.

“Moody’s comments might be funny if he was just a crank standing out on the street corner on Sixth Avenue outside Fox and Friends trying to get his sign on camera…but he is actually inside the building in a top position…I don’t know exactly what he does – doesn’t sound like he does much – but as a gay man, if I was working under him, I would not feel all that welcome.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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