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Anderson Cooper Shreds Trump’s Claim the Wall’s Being Built: ‘Make-Believe Is Fine When You’re a Kid…’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper used the “Keeping Them Honest” segment of his Friday show to rebuke President Trump‘s claim that he’s already taken action to build his southern border wall.

Earlier today, Trump held a press scrum where he bashed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her opposition to funding the wall, all while claiming its construction is well underway. As Cooper reviewed Trump’s comments, the CNN anchor noted how Trump temporarily called off a 35 day government shutdown after failing to secure money for the wall, and there’s no proof to his claim of the construction’s progress.

“Just keeping them honest,” Cooper said. “None of that is true, that whole thing he just said.”

Cooper continued by reviewing how Trump is giving up the White House’s effort to politically repackage the wall, plus the fact that Congress’ last spending bill never allocated any money Trump could use to make new extensions of existing barricades. He concluded by saying Trump is “re-imagining stuff that isn’t really what he wanted as something that he’s actually wanted all along.”

“Make-believe is fine when you’re a kid or a real estate developer in New York with no shame,” Cooper said. “It’s different, or at least it should be, when you’re president and threatening to take emergency measures to get what you want and when you’re twisting the facts to make that case.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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