Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Trump for Claiming ‘Vindication’ On Collusion: No ‘All-Clear’ Yet


It’s has been almost a year now since the infamous dossier was published, and still there are so many unanswered questions about Donald Trump’s connection to Russia.

On CNN’s AC360, Anderson Cooper tackled many of the topics that Trump “simply cannot let go of.” He listed off topics including, “the election, his defeated opponent, the claim her campaign collaborated with Russia, not his, and his belief that any claims to the contrary or even the mere investigation of such claims are either a ‘hoax,’ a ‘sham,’ a democratic excuse for losing him, or an attempt to undercut his victory.”

Cooper made the point, that in today’s press conference with the Norwegian Prime Minister, Trump said the words “no collusion” 8 times in the time span of roughly a minute.

Bringing in the the English language to help back him up, the CNN journalist then used the of the dictionary to define collusion, which is the “secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. acting in collusion with the enemy.” Cooper then asked the audience to judge for themselves on whether or not the president had colluded with the Russians, citing George Papadopoulos‘ testimony as one source.

He played a clip of comments from Mark Warner and said, “That doesn’t sound like the all-clear on collusion.”

“And to that point, just a reminder that none of us, not even the president, knows when this will end.” Cooper said making his point. “There are no expiration dates and seems no room for the president to claim vindication till all the facts are known.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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