Anderson Cooper Slams Sebastian Gorka Following Contentious Interview: ‘The Hungarian Don Rickles’

Anderson Cooper and his panel took some shots at White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka following their fiery interview earlier in the show.

Cooper kicked off the conversation by asking if the White House can claim Donald Trump Jr.‘s publishing of his emails constitutes “transparency” with a “straight face.”

Scott Jennings, a former White House staffer under President George W. Bush, said that the Trump team needs to follow through on the transparency by having Trump Jr. testify before Congress, but was troubled by the report that White House aids were involved in the drafting of his first statement, which has been widely panned and debunked.

Turning back to the interview, Democratic strategist Paul Begala pointed out that Gorka’s official job is supposed to focus on counterterrorism, but instead he is “coming on CNN” and insulting Cooper.

“The only reason he insulted you is because he can’t answer the question,” Begala stated.

He then pointed to reporting earlier in the year that Gorka was on the chopping block and theorized that the only reason why he hasn’t been fired is because “he gives interviews like that” and insults the media the way President Trump does.

“It’s like Don Rickles.” Cooper said. “That’s his schtick. It’s like the Hungarian Don Rickles.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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