Anderson Cooper Starts Feud With Snooki? Cross Your Fingers

Wow. Nicole Polizzi (“Snooki“) of Jersey Shore is no Nene Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta in the mind of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

During last night’s “The Shot” segment with Kiran Chetry, Cooper didn’t hold back in
knocking the pint-sized guidette about her recent makeover – and general promiscuity.

“You love the Real Housewives right? You’re going to love this,” said Chetry, introducing the segment about Snooki’s new Inside Edition makeover. And she’s not making that up – the Anderson Cooper-Nene “friendship” has a long history.

Well Cooper says he’s never seen Jersey Shore (but he’s seen The Soup, which he makes sure to say a several times in two minutes), and he is not a fan. “She’s very down to earth,” says Chetry. “She’s like, laying in the gutter, that’s how down to earth she is,” says Cooper.

More from Cooper:

Have you seen her in the hot tub? I’ve seen that on The Soup. It’s not pretty. It’s like a Petri dish.

Look, Cooper just got back from several weeks covering the absolute devastation in Haiti, so talking about Snooki’s makeover may not be a topic he’d like to discuss. But can this please start a feud? Snooki + “The Situation” Michael Sorrentino vs. Cooper + “The Situation Room” Wolf Blitzer, steel cage match. Or just a dance battle. Snooki – the pouf is in your court.

Here’s the Snooki-slam last night:

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