Anderson Cooper: ‘Why Doesn’t Donald Trump Deserve President Obama’s Silence?’

During a panel discussion on CNN this evening, anchor Anderson Cooper asked political commentator Van Jones a direct question regarding President Barack Obama’s comments at his final press conference as president.

At the presser this afternoon, Obama stated that he wasn’t going to stay quiet as a civilian, feeling that dissent and speaking out are the core values of America. Cooper noted that George W. Bush said that Obama deserved his silence when he left office in 2009.

After political analyst Kirsten Powers said that there is a real divide between Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, so he may expect that he’ll have to speak out against Trump in the future, Cooper then turned to Jones.

“George W. Bush could have said when President Obama became president, well, when the core values of the Second Amendment are threatened I’m going to speak up,” the anchor stated. “Yet, he didn’t. He said he deserved silence. Why doesn’t Donald Trump deserve President Obama’s silence?”

“Very simple. Because Obama came in to fix things that were broke,” Jones replied. “Trump is coming in to break things that Obama fixed.”

Watch the clip above to see how the rest of the conversation went, via CNN.

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