Andrea Mitchell And Robert Gibbs Agree: NBC’s Hillary Clinton Miniseries A ‘Bad Idea’

On Thursday morning, NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said that NBC’s plan to film and air a miniseries about Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election is a “total nightmare” for his network. Todd was joined on Thursday by anchor Andrea Mitchell and contributor and former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs who both agreed the miniseries was a “bad idea.”

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“I want to ask you about Reince Priebus,” Mitchell began in an interview with Gibbs. “Because you’ve been involved in the debate prep and debate negotiations, and here is the Republican chairman and I would say understandably miffed about these Hillary Clinton films — one is a documentary and another one an entertainment fill film — which is, you know, all about…”

“A bad idea,” Gibbs suggested.

“A lot of the news people would say including the MSNBC news people and Chuck Todd and the rest of us a really bad idea given the timing,” Mitchell agreed.

Both concluded that, while the miniseries ideas were bad for the network, Priebus and his party would be better served if they did not prevent certain news networks from participating in and airing the GOP 2016 debates.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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