Andrea Mitchell Defends MSNBC’s Bieber Breaking News, Takes Shot at CNN

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell became the face of cable news’ over-zealous coverage of the Justin Bieber arrest story last week, after she cut away from a discussion with former Democratic Rep. Jane Harman to go to live video of the pop singer’s arraignment in Florida. In an interview with CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, Mitchell defended the “obviously awkward and unplanned moment.”

“I have more foreign policy coverage five days a week on my program than any other program on television, so you can imagine that this was unusual,” Mitchell said. Not knowing when during her show the Bieber arraignment would begin, she told Stelter she was just “trying to get as much news on as I could, both about Syria and the report of the government’s privacy panel.”

Interestingly, Mitchell worked in a shot at CNN while talking to the CNN reporter. “It is CNN leading the saturation coverage,” she said of the Bieber story, while “we were on it for minutes.”

CNN president Jeff Zucker defended CNN’s level of attention to the story at an industry event Monday morning. “I’m incredibly comfortable with the way CNN covered the Justin Bieber story,” he said. “I don’t think CNN had it out of proportion at all. When you take the whole of what we do, it’s completely in the right proportion.”

Watch the “awkward” MSNBC moment below, in case you missed it:

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