Andrea Mitchell Just Wonders Whether Rick Perry’s Still in Europe

With President Barack Obama canceling his campaign trip this afternoon to chair a meeting on ebola, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell wondered whether Texas Governor Rick Perry planned on coming back from his European trip. Answer: Nope.

“We’ve been talking about crisis management and failures at various agencies,” Mitchell said Wednesday. “The White House is of course canceling President Obama’s political trip today to chair a meeting on crisis management of ebola. And now we learn that Governor Rick Perry is still in Europe on a trip, a foreign policy trip that has been criticized in the last couple of days for being away during a crisis in Dallas, a crisis affecting his state.”

Lest you miss the implication, Mitchell added, “This is someone who has been considering another campaign for the presidency and, perhaps, is burnishing his foreign policy credentials.”

Mitchell said Perry’s spokespeople confirmed that he was remaining in Europe and was issuing statements on the situation in Dallas “in absentia.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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