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Andrea Mitchell: Would A Male Candidate Be Asked Bachmann’s ‘Flake’ Question

Andrea Mitchell and Joe Scarborough were discussing Republican presidential candidates on Andrea Mitchell Reports when Mitchell started wondering whether or not Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was treated unfairly yesterday by Chris Wallace. Wallace asked Bachmann “are you a flake?” and later apologized for the question, yet Mitchell still wondered, “you think a male candidate would have been asked that question?”

Scarborough agreed that it was “an unfortunate question” and doubted any male would ever be asked it. Not even California Governor Jerry Brown, who Scarborough cited as someone many previously thought was not a particularly deep intellectual thinker. Instead Scarborough thought the real concern with Bachmann is not her “flakiness,” but instead her history of “intemperate” comments about President Obama and his “thuggish” administration. That’s what Scarborough wished Wallace spent time on instead.

Mitchell wasn’t that angry with Wallace, knowing that everyone makes mistakes on live television. And given that now as a result, Bachmann is receiving some sympathetic and supportive statements from unexpected corners, it seems like maybe she shouldn’t be too angry with Wallace either?

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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