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Andrea Mitchell Says Hillary and Warren ‘Did Seem Like Magic on That Stage’

3thumMonday morning saw the first-ever appearance of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tag-teaming it on the stump, and at least one journalist was impressed. Longtime NBC News correspondent and host of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports Andrea Mitchell probably exploded a few conservative media watchdog heads when she introduced former White House adviser Anita Dunn by observing that ” it did seem like magic on that stage,” although Mitchell’s full commentary appeared to refer to the political possibilities of a Clinton/Warren pairing:

It does seem like there is sort of a hard to define quality. You mentioned Gore, I was on with him on trips, with Bill Clinton and Al Gore and of course their spouses. And there was something that was, you know, that was the boomer magic. that was a generational shift, and you got a little taste of that today.

The appearance of Senator Warren on the campaign trail for Hillary has fueled speculation of a Clinton/Warren “Dream Ticket,” and it appears it was that sort of political spark that Mitchell was referring to, rather than the more tingly kind.

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