Andrea Mitchell: Sebelius ‘Talked Around’ Question About Whether She Was Fired

On Monday morning, Morning Joe’s Willie Geist asked Andrea Mitchell, who aired an exclusive interview Sunday with outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, whether “the writing had been on the wall” about Sebelius’ departure since the website fiasco last October. Mitchell thought the decision had likely been more recent than that, but also said Sebelius talked around her question, and had left quite a challenge for her successor.

“I think that the decision was made within the last couple of months, that they needed to do something,” Mitchell said. “Jeff Zients came in. They did bring in the right tech people to fix the website. They were looking for an exit strategy.”

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“I asked her point blank whether she was pushed or jumped and that was her answer,” Mtichell continued. “She talked around it. Clearly they had been talking about the timing. Once they reached that 7.1 million — and that’s only enrollees. We don’t know how many are going to pay up. There are a lot of other hurdles to come. Nobody envies [Obama’s nominee to replace Sebelius] Sylvia Burwell, if she is easily confirmed as they hope, taking this on.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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