Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Lecturing of World Leaders at NATO Was ‘Painful to Watch’

MSNBC’S Andrea Mitchell voiced that President Trump‘s NATO address is unlikely to go over well, saying that he did more to antagonize world leaders than he did to reaffirm America’s alliances.

Trump gave a speech at NATO HQ on Thursday, and while he spoke about the “commitments that bind us together,” Trump did not explicitly talk about whether America would continue to honor NATO’s mutual defense pledge. Instead, Trump used most of his time to bash his fellow heads of state about how their countries don’t give enough funding to NATO’s international military efforts.

As she spoke with Kelly O’Donnell, Mitchell noted that Trump’s peers did not seem to appreciate his scolding.

“Just watching it, it was painful to watch,” Mitchell said “This was debut at NATO, and they were really angry.”

O’Donnell agreed that it was “striking” that Trump did not recommit the United States to Article 5 as White House officials suggested he would during today’s planned remarks.

Mitchell also noted that Trump’s speech was “awkward” since he spoke in front of a statue made of wreckage from the World Trade Center. The 9/11 terror attacks were the only time when NATO has ever invoked the collective defense provisions of Article 5.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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