Andrea Mitchell: Why Didn’t GOP ‘Stand Up’ to Trump on Birtherism, Immigration?

mitchell-300x197MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell wondered on Meet the Press Sunday morning why the GOP waited until yesterday to denounce celebrity plutocrat Donald Trump.

Mitchell seized on the idea, tenuously voiced by so many others, that Trump crossed the line yesterday in his dismissal of Senator John McCain’s war heroism and POWs in general, the implication being that his questioning of President Barack Obama’s citizenship and comments on undocumented immigrants were somehow not over the line.

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“[The GOP] did not stand up against him when he talked so abusively about President Obama,” Mitchell said. “Republicans candidates did not, collectively, did not stand up when he talked about Mexico and immigrants with such racial rhetoric. It was only when he attacked John McCain that the group [turned on him].”

Watch below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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