Andrea Mitchell Would Like To Know Why The SEC Missed ‘The Whole Maddow Thing’

Can an intern get Andrea Mitchell a cup of coffee? The exhausted-looking host had trouble telling apart one of the most notorious fraudsters in history from one of her own MSNBC colleagues yesterday when she repeatedly asked Rep. Barney Frank about all the porn the SEC employees were watching instead of following the “Maddow” (?) case.

Mitchell was interviewing Frank on the recent discovery that SEC workers had spent thousands of hours watching pornography during work hours in 2008, when the Bernie Madoff scandal was wreaking havoc on the economy and many in the financial sector were wondering where the SEC was during the entire time that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme. During the interview, Mitchell repeatedly called the convicted fraudster “Maddow” –apparently referring to MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow, instead. Frank answered without regard to her error, instead offering a broad condemnation of free-market ideals for having caused the problem.

Mitchell didn’t seem to be deliberately implicating her colleague, and sounded exhausted as she tried to string her question together, which came out like this:

“…we finally figured out why the SEC missed the whole Maddow thing, where we have an internal report that says that they found that some of the people at the SEC on Maddow were, during that period at least, were on pornography sites for thousands and thousands of hours, sometimes as much as eight hours a day?”

Watch the clip below:

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