Andrew Breitbart: ‘I Didn’t Know That (Weiner) Was Going To Fess Up’

In an interview on CNN’s American Morning, Andrew Breitbart said he didn’t know exactly what to expect when he decided to appear at the hotel ballroom where Rep. Anthony Weiner would ultimately confess to lying and a series of inappropriate relationships with women. Breitbart said he “didn’t know that (Weiner) was going to fess up,” and was prepared to “grill him” if the Congressman continued to suggest that Breitbart had somehow fabricated the photos released on Breitbart’s BigGovernment website.

Instead, Weiner did confess in a news conference that Breitbart described as “tragic and sad at an unbelievable level.” Breitbart confirmed he does have another picture of Weiner, which is believed to be extremely graphic. He described it as “newsworthy,” but said he did not plan to release it. “I am not the cruel person that the media and certain people on the left think that I am,” he said, but added that he hoped the picture would keep supporters of Weiner from attempting to “go after” the women with whom Weiner communicated. “I have the photo.”

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