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Andrew Cuomo Regrets Not Sounding Alarm on Coronavirus Sooner: I Can’t Say I ‘Blew the Bugle’ On It

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a new interview that he wishes he took action against the coronavirus faster.

Speaking to Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Cuomo was asked what he would’ve done differently in hindsight about his response to the Covid-19 outbreak throughout New York. Cuomo recalled reports about the virus’ emergence in China at the end of 2019, and he reflected that “we should’ve worried” when their government claimed they had the situation under control.

“When China says ‘Don’t worry, I have a fire in my backyard,’ you don’t hang up the phone and go back to sleep,” Cuomo said. “You get out of your house and you walk two houses over to make sure I have the fire under control. Where was every other country walking out of their home to make sure China had it under control?”

Cuomo couldn’t answer his own question on why he and other world figures didn’t raise the alarm on China sooner, but he continued to say “I wish someone stood up and blew the bugle.”

“If no one was going to blow the bugle, I would feel much better if I was a bugle blower last December and January,” he said. “I would feel better sitting here today saying, ‘I blew the bugle about Wuhan province in January.’ I can’t say that.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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