Andrew McCabe: Trump’s Public ‘Lies and Slander’ About My Family Have Been ‘Horrific’


Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe sat down with Today’s Savannah Guthrie and expounded on a number of topics that have been in the news cycle as part o the promotional tour for his tell-all and score-settling book Threat.

McCabe has received a metric ton of criticism from President Donald Trump and his media allies after he opened a counter-intelligence investigation into the Commander in Chief for fear that he may be somehow working on behalf of the Russian government and ostensibly putting US security at risk.

Towards the end of a wide-ranging interview, Guthrie asked: “Let’s talk about the president, in some ways, it’s almost personal.” She then outlined the numerous ways that Trump has attacked McCabe before asking “what would you say to him right now if you had the opportunity?”

McCabe first noted that he didn’t expect to get that opportunity before revealing “how horrific it’s been to have to endure the threats, the taunts, the bullying of the president of the United States in such a public way.”

“I try not to take it personally but it’s very hard,” he said, adding “It’s been incredibly tough on my family. My wife who is a wonderful person, a pediatric emergency room physician tried to help her community by running for office, and then to stand up there in front of thousands of people and perpetuate lies and slander about my wife and our family has been horrific.”

Watch above via NBC News.

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