Andrew McCabe: ‘Time Has Come for Congress to Pursue a Dedicated Impeachment Inquiry’

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said Congress can’t hold back impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump any longer.

McCabe joined CNN on Thursday to talk about Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, and he defended the special counsel’s “overly-cautious” conduct with his constant referrals to his investigative reports on Russia and Trump’s possible obstruction of justice.

As the conversation on New Day focused on the substance taken from Mueller’s hearings, John Berman asked McCabe “if all of those things are not enough to push the Democrats towards impeachment, does that frustrate you?”

McCabe’s answer:

“It’s baffling to me, John. From my own experience at the very beginnings of this investigation we confronted some very hard choices, choices we knew would have negative repercussions on our organization and us personally, and we made those choices anyway because it was our job and duty to do so. I feel strongly that that’s the same position Congress is in now, and they should step up to the plate and do their job. It doesn’t mean that the president will be removed from office or should be removed from office or will be impeached, but it is absolutely clear to me that the time has come for Congress to pursue a dedicated impeachment inquiry.”

Watch above, via CNN

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