Andrew Napolitano: Labor Sec. Alex Acosta Will Be Out of Trump Administration By Week’s End

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano offered a rather grim prediction for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s future in the Trump administration.

Acosta is at the center of a legal controversy surrounding alleged sex-trafficker and admitted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein as the former US Attorney who is under criticism for what many see as a sweetheart plea deal, who critics claim was designed more to protect powerful friends of Epstein than pursue justice of the many underaged victims.

Acosta held a nearly hour-long press conference on Wednesday, where he defended the manner in which he prosecuted Epstein in 2008, but also appeared obstinate in the manner he refused to apologize to the victims.

Napolitano revealed that in reading the transcript of Acosta’s press event, he found him to be “lawyerly and elegant,” but watching it live he found it “not persuasive.” After explaining how he saw Acosta’s short-comings in prosecuting Epstein, Napolitano was asked by co-host Griff Jenkins for a prediction “does he go or stay?”

Napolitano: “I don’t think he will be around by Friday.”

Steve Doocy then noted, “Well, tomorrow is Friday,” after which the curvy couch shared a hearty laugh.

Watch above via Fox News.


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