Andrew Sullivan To Matthews: Obama Standing Up Against Those Who Control ‘The Sex Lives Of People’

Newsweek / Daily Beast scribe Andrew Sullivan visited Hardball Tuesday night, where he discussed “The Politics of Sex,” his cover story for the latest issue of the news magazine.

The fight over birth control isn’t one Barack Obama was looking to have, Andrews told host Chris Matthews, and as been, in fact, one he’s been trying to avoid. But he finally reached a point, Sullivan added, where he’s made the choice to take on those within the Catholic Church for whom “no issue seems to be more important than controlling the sex lives of other people.”

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The Washington Post‘s E.J. Dionne, meanwhile, says that this is a fight Obama wins if the topic at hand is contraception, not religious freedom.

On the matter of religious freedom, however, Sullivan reminded viewers that, during Vatican II, a Pope-appointed commission had indeed approved the Pill, even though this decision was soon overturned. Either way, he added — it’s probably best not to get into fights with the religious if one can help it. Good advice for Presidents, even better advice for your Valentine’s Day dates today. That said, this whole debate gives fuel to none other than Rick Santorum, particularly against Romney and RomneyCare. How devious! Ish.

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