Andrew Sullivan: Why Did Anyone Vote For Obama, Libya Is A ‘Hillary-McCain’ Strategy

Chris Matthews hosted a discussion on how any action in Libya seems difficult and unpopular for President Obama. Most critical of Obama was commentator Andrew Sullivan who doubted President Obama was the transformational politician that was promised, if he is willing to cave-in and follow the ideas of Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Others on the panel contributed interesting points as well, with Michael Duffy warning that no fly zones can last for a very long time, and Katty Kay suggesting that Obama’s delay in acting too aggressively was for a fear of resembling President Bush’s cowboy image in the Arab region. Most passionate though was Sullivan who argued “I don’t know why anybody voted for Obama in the primaries – this initiative, this no fly zone, this war – is a Hillary/McCain concept.”

Sullivan also doubted the wisdom of entering another Middle Eastern country where we don’t know the consequences. Between some complaining he’s not aggressive enough, and with others like Sullivan complaining he’s too aggressive, it seems like sometimes President Obama’s middle-of-the-road approach can often leave some upset on both sides.

Watch the clip from The Chris Matthews Show below:

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