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Angry Ed Schultz Dares CNN’s Stelter: ‘Come Face to Face With Me…’

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz is not happy with a comment CNN’s Brian Stelter made about his show on Sunday. It sounds like Schultz wants to fight.

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Stelter charged that partisan news media have polar narratives on how events are shaping in Ferguson, Mo., where an 18-year-old unarmed black man, Michael Brown, was shot dead by a white police officer. Citing a “well-placed” anonymous source, Fox News reported last week that the officer, Darren Wilson, was attacked by Brown, suffering a serious injury to his eye socket.

The report, rebutted by CNN, supported the notion that Brown’s killing was not racially motivated, as many in Ferguson and the news media suspect it was. The more partisan-focused Fox News hosts in particular, Stelter said, have latched onto the report.

The CNN host then turned his focus to MSNBC. “There are hosts on MSNBC who see a different enemy: Law enforcement,” he said. “They have pounced all over the authorities’ decisions not to release more solid information.” He then played a clip from one of Schultz’s shows last week, wherein he questioned why police wouldn’t release photos of Wilson’s supposed injuries when they had previously released surveillance video showing Brown rob a convenience store.

Releasing photos of the injuries, argued Schultz, would only further support the argument that Wilson was acting in self-defense when he shot Brown.

The Schultz segment was intended to cast doubt on the Fox News report. Stelter, however, characterized it as a critique of the Ferguson police.

Schlutz must have been watching Reliable Sources. “Brian Stelter of CNN completely misrepresented my show’s reporting of the ‘alleged eye socket’ injury,” he tweeted, ominously adding, “Stelter, come face to face with me ..”

Stelter tells us he did reach out to Schultz but heard nothing back.

MSNBC did not return our request for comment.

The Schultz-Stelter feud precedes the Ferguson incident. In late 2012, Stelter, then at the New York Times, reported that Schultz’s would be replaced at MSNBC. Schultz denied the reports, saying Stelter’s “nose as a reporter doesn’t sniff very well.”

Stelter, however, was at least sort of right. The Ed Show was moved to weekends and then later moved back to weeknights.

Watch Stelter’s CNN segment:

And here’s the Schultz segment in full:

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