Ann Coulter: 14th Amendment ‘Does Not Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Be Citizens’

Ann Coulter, seemingly unscathed from her battle earlier today with far-right internet journal WorldNetDaily, visited Bill O’Reilly tonight to talk about the children of illegal immigrants (“anchor babies”) and a nearly twenty-year assertion by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that those children should not be US citizens. Unsurprisingly, Coulter seems to have had enough of “deadbeats… sneak[ing] into the country and [having] babies to get on welfare.”

Assering that the 14th Amendment, written after the Civil War and stating that being born in the United States is a sufficient condition for citizenship, “does not give illegal immigrants the right to be citizens,” Coulter noted that the reason Reid had stepped back and apologized for his original laim was that Democrats are “completely ungrounded” and “they do everything they say for political reasons.” She also pointed at some international immigration laws– O’Reilly pointed out the specific case of Sweden– where children need at least one parent to have citizenship in order to automatically receive it.

The reason it is such a crisis, she continued, was because of the current economic crisis, joking that “we need a ticker for how much anchor babies are costing America.” And as for the specific use of the 14th Amendment, “it was all about Reconstruction” and did nothing to give Native Americans citizenship, according to Coulter. “We do owe blacks,” she concluded, “we do not owe the entire world.”

Her discussion on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor via Fox News below:

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