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Ann Coulter Attacks Rove, Rubio For Opposition To Arizona Immigration Law

Ann Coulter paid Juan Williams a visit on The O’Reilly Factor last night to discuss the two hottest topics in the news cycle: the Arizona immigration bill and the Goldman Sachs housing market scandal. On the former, she had some harsh words for fellow conservatives Karl Rove and Marco Rubio for attack it; on the latter, she blamed past Democratic abuses of power and claimed the proposed financial reform bill “looks like it was written by Hugo Chavez.”

Coulter defended the law against what she called “blatant, blatant lying” about the potential for racial profiling, and argued that “it’s not like Arizona is inventing this legal principle.” When asked about the reaction of many fellow consevatives, including Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, Karl Rove, and Texas governor Rick Perry, Coulter said she was “upset”– especially at Rubio– and that she thought “they are responding to the nonsense that is being published out there. People get bullied into taking silly positions.”

In the case of Goldman Sachs betting against their clients and the housing market and making hundreds of millions on what they called “the big short,” Coulter saw it as a problem perpetuated by Democrats, even though Williams rebutted that Wall Street has been a closer ally of Republicans. What Americans should be angry about, she claims, is “multi-billion dollar bailout of AIG that went straight into the pockets of Goldman.”

Watch the segment below:

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