Ann Coulter: Berkeley Fracas Shows That Colleges Are ‘Really Outside the Mainstream’


Ann Coulter saw a silver lining on regarding the cancellation of her planned speech at University of California, Berkeley due to threats of violence from the radical left.

“I think what’s going on with Berkeley…it shows how radical the universities are generally,” Coulter said on Wednesday’s Hannity on Fox News.

Host Sean Hannity brought on Coulter just after the start of his program. Near the end of the segment, he underlined that “one of the reasons you’re so hated over the years — you’re iconoclastic; you’re funny; you’re smart — and you represent a threat to the left because you destroy them.”

Hannity soon added, “This is not a game they’re playing here. They want you destroyed.”

The controversial author first replied with her “how radical” answer, and then addressed the host’s point: “Yes, they want to destroy and squelch conservative speech, but there is a separate issue with the universities right now.”

Coulter pointed out how Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Maher, and Joy Behar came to her defense over her right to speak at the liberal university. She then emphasized, “They are really outside the mainstream. They are publicly funded. Forget that this is where the free speech movement started — the amount of money they get from the state and federal government.”

The guest closed by returning to something she had complained about earlier in the segment — that the conservative Young America’s Foundation had apparently abandoned her.

“All of the people who should have been standing up for the First Amendment here all ran away with their tails between their legs,” Coulter contended.

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