Ann Coulter Congratulates ABC News: ‘You Guys Own The Weiner Story’

Conservative author Ann Coulter discussed Congressman Anthony Weiner’s controversy with George Stephanopoulos on GMA and although she admitted Republicans have their own sex scandals too, she argued the Democratic response to them is always much worse. Yet she did have complimentary words for ABC News and their relentless reporting (alongside Andrew Breitbart), which helped expose Weiner.

Coulter explained the difference between liberal and conservative sex scandals:

“Conservatives respond to their sex scandals differently because we don’t elevate our leaders. There isn’t a sort of messiah worship – a mob characteristic. We’re worried about being consistent, we aren’t comfortable with contradictory thinking.”

Coulter’s dig at Democrats, that they are comfortable with contradictory thinking, is the type of humorous poke-in-the-eye that keeps her conservative followers coming back for more. She was on to promote her new book “Demonic,” and couldn’t resist continuing to suggest differences between Republicans and Democrats:

“The basic Republican response is not to attack the person who just releases the information. And by the way, congratulations to ABC. You guys own the Weiner story, you did all the reporting.”

The conversation then turned to her new book, the theme of which is that “Republicans are the party of peaceful order; Democrats are the party of noisy, violent mobs.” Coulter’s books often generate controversy of some sort, so time will tell what gets her critics riled up this time.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

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