Ann Coulter: Donald Trump’s Birther Talk Seems Sane Compared To Charlie Sheen

Ever wondered where Ann Coulter comes down on the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate? Well the following clip from tonight’s episode of Hannity will not only reveal to you that she thinks that Donald Trump‘s recent “birther” campaign seems somewhat insane, but that the entire birth certificate was ginned up by the Hillary Clinton campaign and is promoted by the liberal media as a means to delegitimize any criticism of what she thinks is a terrible presidency. Surprise!?

Host Sean Hannity seemed slightly taken aback by Coulter’s defense of the overall legitimacy of Obama’s presidency (at least in the strictest constitutional terms of being born in these United States of America) and pushed his guest to find some common ground with Trump’s seemingly quixotic exploration of Obama’s birth certificate.

Perhaps odder is the fact that Coulter’s fearless attack on Trump’s birther bombast sounds eerily similar to a post written by Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher published earlier today. Christopher also made a Charlie Sheen reference in another Trump/Birther post. OMG – Ann Coulter is now getting her political talking points from Tommy Christopher?!

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