Ann Coulter Gets Bleeped Out By MSNBC Censors On Morning Joe

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter appeared on Morning Joe Tuesday and was bleeped out by MSNBC censors, though it was unclear what profanity she had used. “What did I say?” Coulter confusedly asked. “Oh, I said douche bag.”

Coulter had been talking about consistency in the Republican candidates’ positions and apparently directed an expletive at Arizona Senator John McCain.

“I’d rather have — McCain was consistent, he was — we have Romney and Gingrich –” Coulter began before being silenced for 13 seconds by censors.

“Just blur it all out,” Joe Scarborough said.

“Well, they got the general drift,” Coulter concluded.

Watch Coulter’s awkward silence below, via MSNBC:

(h/t Politico)

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