Ann Coulter Gets Owned By Fox Legal Analyst, Asks Hannity To Cut His Mic

Normally Ann Coulter is up for debating anyone and is usually ready to either make an intentionally headline-grabbing statement like calling the TSA’s airport screening measures “Hitler’s last revenge” or throwing out genuinely funny one-liners like this from yesterday’s O’Reilly Factor appearance, “you have the choice of either being fondled by a complete stranger, go to your left . . . or if you want to appear nude on live video go to your right.”

That’s why Coulter’s humorless appearance here with Sean Hannity is so odd. During a debate with conservative Peter Johnson Jr., Coulter is completely thrown off her game when she is interrupted a few times. Coulter was promoting the idea that the airport security measures are a complete waste of time because they do not make us any safer, and in fact make us less safe due to radiation exposure.

Coulter, who previously said she’s particularly annoyed by these security measures because she travels a lot, seems to have been “fondled” at the airport one too many times, because at the end of this interview she’s unable to even make a coherent sentence and tells Johnson she won’t ever be coming back to the show with him again.

Watch the clip below courtesy of Fox News:

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