comScore Ann Coulter Hits Joy Reid For Calling Her a Man: Liberal Women Have ‘Rolls of Fat on Their Neck’

Ann Coulter Hits Joy Reid For Calling Her a Man: Liberal Women Have ‘Rolls of Fat on Their Neck’

Ann Coulter fired back at MSNBC host Joy Reid for the numerous transphobic attacks she made against her.

Coulter told Laura Ingraham about newly-discovered posts by Reid in which the two of them were the targets, wanting the prominent conservatives to “put them in a public square” in Iraq and just “leave them there” made reference in another post where they both kill themselves.

Reid also made the following attack at “Mr. Coulter.”

“No one actually loves you — and particularly, no one loves you enough to actually breed with you (provided they could figure out whether you would, in fact, be supplying the sperm, or the egg…)”

Well, Coulter went for the jugular. Literally.

“And then there’s the always popular calling me a man for having a beautiful swan-like neck,” Coulter told Ingraham. “Liberal women, as long as we’re being frank here, aren’tt used to that because they have rolls of fat on their neck. They’re really taken aback by my beautiful swan-like neck.”

“Oh gosh,” Ingraham reacted. “Okay, alright…”

The conversation then shifted to the downfall of Roseanne Barr, which Coulter thought she was only fired for being a Trump supporter.

“I never saw the old show or the new show, but she was getting ratings like we haven’t even heard of for 20 years!” Coulter said. “To be dumping that show because of crazy tweets she was sending- she has always sent crazy tweets! This is nothing new. I mean, you know, I don’t want to be sent to a concentration camp- ‘Yes, I condemn her tweet,’ but she’s always sent crazy tweets that deserved condemnation. If they really cared about offensive tweets and so on, well obviously Samantha Bee and Joy Reid wouldn’t be on air.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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