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Ann Coulter: It Would Be A “Step Down” For Sarah Palin To Run For President

Ann Coulter is being coy about her support for Republicans running in 2012– almost as coy as the would-be candidates themselves. While she’s unequivocal in her support of definitely, totally, absolutely not a candidate New Jersey governor Chris Christie, she told Sean Hannity last night that there is one candidate she really can’t see being a viable presidential candidate: Sarah Palin, because she’s got too much to lose.

Coulter told Hannity that, while she believes Christie is “amazing” and is not as keen on some of the other candidates, “I don’t want to attack Republicans.” Plus, she added, whether they say they’re running or not, “it’s not relevant what they say until August or September.” But she made an exception from the list of likely candidates: “the one I will say in particular because it just seems so crazy for an obvious reason, she noted, “Every time I hear about Sarah Palin running for president.” She declined to say whether she would support Palin for president– “perhaps” was the best Hannity got out of her–but she also couldn’t see it happening. “She is so huge right now,” Coulter argued, “she has so much power. She sends down a Twitter on death panels and she shuts down the health care debate. It would be a step down for her to run.”

So why keep the door open? Coulter speculates, as it has been so widely, that “she’s saying that because Newt [Gingrich] told her the speaking fees go higher.” To this Hannity objects: “Newt is definitely running,” chiding Coulter for “narrowing the field unnecessarily.” To this, Coulter at least added that she could see Mitt Romney running again, and that “he may well be our best candidate,” a slight lilt in her voice indicating she wasn’t exactly ecstatic about that.

The discussion via Fox News below:

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