Ann Coulter On Hannity: Romney’s Debate Performance Shows Election’s Over, He’s Winning

Coulter: Romney's Debate Performance Shows Election's Over, He's Winning

On Monday night, Sean Hannity invited Ann Coulter and Pat Caddell to talk electoral politics, particularly in terms of the poll bounce Mitt Romney‘s seen since the debate. While Caddell argued the campaign’s work isn’t done, Coulter insisted the election is over.

Coulter took on the Obama campaign’s assertion that Mitt Romney is calling for $5 trillion in tax cuts. Americans understand Romney’s telling the truth and also plans on nixing deductions and loopholes, she said. Liberals’ “lie, lie, lie” reaction is nothing new, she added.

Hannity noted that they’re “desperate” and panicked. Cadell agreed, pointing to poll numbers shifting in Romney’s favor. It’s the biggest debate victory since 1980, he said. And the Romney campaign should’ve used ads to tout that victory.

“The election is not over,” he said, noting that Obama has not yet been defeated. Coulter disagreed. Romney is going to win, she said, and partly because that was the most-watched debate since 1980, and “that was the first time in the last 100 years Republicans took out an incumbent.”

People tuned in because they know Obama isn’t helping the country, she added. And Romney will keep doing well in the debate because “you never get to see him.” The media give only snippets and sound bites.

The segment below, via Fox News:

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