Ann Coulter On The View: Only Violence At Tea Party Rallies Came From Liberals

Conservative author Ann Coulter continued promoting her new book “Demonic” with an appearance on The View, where one of her theories was loudly booed by the audience. Elisabeth Hasselbeck read from Coulter’s book that “the Republicans are the party of peaceful order and the liberals are the party of noisy violent mobs.” Joy Behar thought the Tea Party disproved Coulter’s argument, yet Coulter strongly disagreed.

Coulter responded to Behar’s assertion:

“At the Tea Parties and townhalls that we’ve had over the last two years there has been violence. It has all been committed by liberals.”

Coulter even exclaimed that a “conservative had a finger bitten off by a liberal!” The ladies interviewing Coulter seemed taken aback by Coulter’s claim, which she joked is something that strangely never gets a New York Times story. However, there is one thing that is very hard to dispute: Coulter knows exactly how to get provocative and push the buttons of her liberal sparring partners just in time for her book promotion tour.

Watch the clip from ABC below:

(h/t Addicting Info)

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