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Ann Coulter Returns To MSNBC! Coulter And O’Donnell Debate 2012 GOP Prospects

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter made a triumphant return to a place few ever expected to see her in the near future, or at least hadn’t since the latest shakeup at the network: the 8 PM hour at MSNBC. In an exceedingly friendly conversation with host Lawrence O’Donnell, Coulter explained her CPAC thesis that only New Jersey governor Chris Christie was capable of toppling President Barack Obama in 2012 and defended the conservative movement from O’Donnell’s criticism.

Welcoming back her old colleague, O’Donnell began the interview by asking Coulter jokingly whether MSNBC still appeared on her resumé. “It’s the only network I’ve ever worked for,” she responded, tongue firmly in cheek. She then began to defend the point she made during her speech at CPAC once again, that only Gov. Christie was capable of defeating the incumbent president. O’Donnell tried to corner Coulter into calling former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney a “loser”– a term she had used before– but in these hostile waters chose to refrain from adopting. Instead she insisted that, while, as in 2008, she wasn’t a huge fan of anyone, “we have to run somebody, and it’s obviously got to be Chris Christie.” She noted that she did not 100% agree with him on everything, but that the points on which they disagreed, “we can talk him out of it,” and that while “we can change someone’s mind, you can’t inject IQ into a candidate.”

As for other individuals that may or may not run for president in 2012, she asserted that she didn’t perceive Sarah Palin as a viable candidate because, as it stands, “she sends out a Twitter on death panels and everyone reads about it,” giving her little incentive to attempt to run for president. As for everyone else? Well, “I don’t want to attack them” will have to suffice as an answer from Coulter, for now.

Coulter and O’Donnell’s chat via MSNBC below:

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