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Ann Coulter To Glenn Beck: Newt Gingrich Is ‘Pompous And Boring’

Ann Coulter lit into Newt Gingrich on Glenn Beck‘s GBTV program Thursday, lambasting the Republican hopeful as “pompous and boring” and taking issue with controversial doodles he had drawn back in the 1990s.

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According to Slate’s Jacob Weinberg, “these notes and doodles, handwritten by Newt Gingrich, appear in a series of exhibits appended to a report published on Jan. 17, 1997 by the House Select Committee on Ethics.”

“There were these doodles of himself at the center of the universe…and it’s Newt defining himself as designer of civilization!” Coulter snarked.

“I don’t think the Pope describes himself as that!” replied Beck incredulously. “He writes ‘systems designer’, and it’s pointed right to him..what is that?!”

“He had notes reminding himself to smile and look cuddly,” Coulter continued. “And then after, you know, it all came crashing down with the ethics investigation, which was a real problem. I mean, for him to denounce it as, oh, this was just a partisan investigation, the Congress and the House of Representatives was still majority Republican and there were a lot of good right wing Republicans on that committee and something like 90% of Republicans voted to reprimand Gingrich for abuse of a 501(c)(3).”

Watch the video below via GBTV:

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