Ann Coulter To O’Reilly: Michigan Win Shows ‘Democrats Are Terrified’ Of Romney

Ann Coulter returned to The O’Reilly Factor today to discuss her candidate Mitt Romney‘s victories last night and the challenges he may face in the future, and she defended him by process of elimination, pointing out the flaws of the other candidates and wondering aloud when they will drop out. She also addressed the issue of Rep. Ron Paul possibly colluding with Romney to land his son a spot in the potential 2013 Cabinet, something she disproved to herself by noting that Rep. Paul “was also soft on Herman Cain.”

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Coulter, like Romney before her, agreed with Sen. John McCain‘s contention that the primary battle had gone on too long and damaged the candidates. “I think this has gone far enough, it’s just depleting resources that Mitt Romney is going to need to run against Obama.” She added that while many were arguing that Romney should drop out if he lost Michigan, “at what point do the other candidates have to drop out?”

She noted that she considered the Michigan win huge, as “it shows the Democrats are terrified of him,” particularly the high number of Democrats that voted for Santorum there (the primary was open). When asked whether his gaffes that made him appear detached and too wealthy hurt him, Coulter noted that these were the result of “people really grasping at straws” as opposed to the issues other candidates have had, with Newt Gingrich‘s “right wing social engineering remark” and Santorum’s contraception campaign. She suggested to Romney that “the line he should that is that it’s not rich vs. poor” but who pays taxes vs. who receives that money.

She ended by noting that she found the Ron Paul- Romney rumors not surprising at all but did not believe there was any collusion. “Of course Ron Paul supports Mitt Romney,” she noted, “he was also soft on Herman Cain.” This, she explained, was because Rep. Paul “admires people in the private sector” more than career politicians.

The segment via Fox News below:

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