Ann Coulter To Sean Hannity On Rick Perry: ‘He Has Made Big Mistakes’

On Wednesday night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity brought on his favorite guest (or, at any rate, his favorite guest in our ongoing Hannity fanfic series) Ann Coulter to discuss Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

Coulter shared her assessment of the man who is currently faring very well in early polls even if he doesn’t always garner the most positive headlines:

I think the fact that he leaps to the head of the polls does show enormous dissatisfaction with Romney, and for good reason, though we may have to get used to it if my love in Trenton, New Jersey doesn’t jump in. I think Perry does have some problems of his own and I think it’s very important for people to remember that there is a difference running and being elected in Texas versus Massachusetts or New Jersey. I mean, basically, Perry has won elections in a state that is entirely the Republican base. […]

But the more important point is, when your entire electorate is a conservative Republican base, you don’t have room to make a single mistake. And Perry has made mistakes.

Check out the segment, via Fox News:

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