Ann Coulter, Van Jones, And Panel Take On The Trayvon Martin Case On This Week

There are no clear answers yet about the precise events that took place on the night that Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, but it’s a story that still demands national attention, including a heated discussion about the issue today on ABC’s This Week. Van Jones talked about how he felt as an African-American father watching this case unfold, while Ann Coulter made the case that despite the tragedy that has occurred, Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law has nothing to do with it.

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George Stephanopoulos brought up the protests continuing around the country in the Martin case, played the video of George Zimmerman‘s surveillance tape, and finally showed the video of Congressman Bobby Rush wearing a hoodie on the floor of the House. George Will made sure to remind everyone that nothing has been proven in the case yet, and the justice system has due process for a reason. Will then turned to Jones and shared with him staggering statistics on crime within the black community.

Jones admitted that the case hits very close to home, saying dryly that if his children couldn’t wear the clothes they wanted to when going out in public, he would go broke buying them tuxedos every time they wanted to walk outside. But Jones hypothetically granted that maybe ZImmerman had somewhat good intentions. Even given this, he still thought something felt wrong about the case.

“Let’s assume he was trying to be his brother’s keeper. Well, for some reason, when he saw this young man, this young child, he didn’t see his brother, he saw the other. We’ve got to look at ourselves about this… but this is very disturbing as a black parent. I don’t know how to protect my sons.”

Terry Moran described the media obsession with every detail of the case as a “macabre national game show,” with people all over the place trying to analyze the Zimmerman video carefully, trying to determine if he was actually attacked by Martin or not. But as for the stand your ground law, he did note that it makes things harder in Florida for the justice system to do what it is required to do almost everywhere else.

Coulter disagreed, saying the law has nothing to do with the case, no matter which narrative you believe is the truth.

“In one case, you have Zimmerman, the white Hispanic, tracking down the suspicious-looking kid just because he’s black, blowing him away. Well, there’s no, he didn’t, the question is did he have to retreat? No, he’s the one doing the stalking. And the second narrative, he’s on the ground being beaten up by Trayvon Martin. There’s no possibility of retreating when you’re on the ground.”

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She argued that extreme cases of self-defense in situations like that are, in fact, protected in every state. Moran shot back by reminding her that the police still haven’t launched a thorough investigation into the matter and determine whether Zimmerman was engaging in self-defense or not.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC:

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