Ann Coulter: ‘Why Isn’t it Hate Speech to Keep Telling Me How Hispanics Are Going to Vote?’


Conservative provocateur Ann Coulter has been front and center in the news over the past couple of weeks due to a cancellation of a speech of hers at University of Calfornia – Berkeley for safety concerns. This led to a larger discussion of free speech, with a number of progressive leaders coming to Coulter’s defense and decrying the situation.

Coulter appeared this morning on ABC’s This Week to talk about the flap and the issue of free speech in general. At one point, she took a bit of issue with host Jonathan Karl’s position that Berkeley students’ reaction to her shouldn’t be surprising due to her past inflammatory comments, highlighting remarks she made about 9/11 widows and who should have the right to vote.

Coulter responded by bringing up how there is much political discussion about the “browning of America” and how certain demographics vote. However, when she talks about the white vote, there is an outcry.

“And that’s hate speech?” Coulter asked. “Why isn’t it hate speech to keep telling me how Hispanics are going to vote?”

She then went on to state that the founding fathers didn’t put an asterisk on the First Amendment when it comes to freedom of speech, something liberal guest Robert Reich agreed with her on.

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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