Ann Romney: Biggest Concern For Mitt In White House Would Be His ‘Mental Well-Being’

Ann Romney: Biggest Concern For Mitt In W.H. Would Be His 'Mental Well-Being'

In an interview with Nevada’s KTVN conducted Thursday, Ann Romney revealed that her biggest worry should her husband Mitt Romney be elected president would be over his mental well-being:

I think my biggest concern obviously would just be for his mental well-being.

I have all the confidence in the world in his ability, in his decisiveness, in his leadership skills, in his understanding of the economy, in his understanding of what’s missing right now in the economy, you know, the pieces that are missing to get this job started.

So, for me, I think it would just be the emotional part of it.

She also shared that bringing more attention to health issues — including breast cancer and MS — would be her primary focus should be become First Lady.

Have a look, via KTVN:

h/t Reuters

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