Ann Romney Talks About Women, The Economy And Her Husband Mitt In Address To RNC

Ann Romney Talks About Women, The Economy And Her Husband Mitt 

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, gave a much-anticipated address to the Republican National Convention on Monday night. There, she spoke of her marriage to Mitt Romney, their family and battles with her multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. She defined why she felt her husband was the leader that America needs at this time in terms that humanized and personalized the Republican presidential nominee.

“I want to talk to you tonight not about politics and not about party,” Ann Romney began. “Tonight, I want to talk to you from my heart about our hearts.”

Ann Romney said she wanted to talk about the love she has for Mitt Romney, their children and their grandchildren. She also said that she wanted to talk about the love of average Americans, men and women, who labor in anonymity.

“I have seen and heard stories of how hard it is to get ahead now,” said Romney. “You know what? I’ve heard your stories.” She said that the women of America feel the burden of America’s economic struggles.

“I love you women,” exclaimed Romney. “You are the ones that have to do a little bit more and you know what it’s like to work a little harder during the day to earn the respect you deserve at work. And then you come home at night and help with the book report because it has to be done.”

“You are the best of America,” Romney said. “You are the hope of America. There would not be an America without you. Tonight, we salute you and sing your praises.”

Ann Romney said that it is the women of America who feel the bad economy the most. She said that there was another way for America’s women. “We’re too smart to know there aren’t easy answers but were not dumb enough to know there aren’t better answers,” Romney said to applause.

Ann Romney said that her battles with MS and cancer mean her marriage to Mitt Romney is a real marriage and not a “storybook marriage.”

She praised her husband’s morals and leadership, and ability to work with Democrats – noting that it was not necessary to agree with him to know he is a strong leader. “No one will work harder, no one will care more and no one will move heaven and earth to make this country a better place to live,” said Ann Romney to a standing ovation.

“I can tell you that Mitt Romney was not handed success — he built it,” said Romney. She also talked about her husband’s business background as a personal mission to help others:

This is important — I want you to hear what I’m going to say: Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he helped others because he sees it as a privilege — not a political talking point. We are no different than the millions of Americans who quietly help their neighbors, their churches and their communities. They don’t do it so that others will thank them. They do it because there is no greater joy. Give and it shall be given unto you.

“This man will not fail,” Ann Romney concluded. “You can trust Mitt.”

Watch the speech below via Fox News Channel:

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