Anne Hathaway Pokes Fun at That Time Everyone Kind of Hated Her


Sometime in 2013, hating Anne Hathaway became cool. It wasn’t just cool, it was something you almost had to do.

In retrospect, that obviously sounds ridiculous. In terms of all of the things that there are to hate, Anne Hathaway is not at all hatable. But, that was the case. Les Miserables came out during peak Anne Hathaway hatred, and she won an Oscar for it, beating out the much loved Sally Field for Lincoln, among others. This fueled the fire even more. Also, her acceptance speech didn’t go over with audiences so well, and the whole thing was made worse when she admitted that she had rehearsed the speech ahead of time in an effort to seem more likable.

Last night, Hathaway appeared on Watch What Happens Live, and host Andy Cohen had her play the game “Plead The Fifth.” The game involves Cohen asking a guest three questions, and they can choose to “plead the fifth” on one of them. For the first question he asked Hathaway, how big of a stoner she is, to which she replied, “I’m not a little one.” She then backtracked, saying she’s a parent and has no interest in getting arrested, so, actually, she’s not really one at all. Wink wink.

The second question was, “Who were you the most excited to beat when you won the Oscar for Les Mis? Helen HuntAmy AdamsSally FieldJackie Weaver?”

Hathaway laughed and replied, “None of them. None of them. Believe me, at that point I would have been happy to see any of them up there giving a speech instead of me.”

Cohen asked, “Why?”

Hathaway was quick to answer, “You know why,” to which he could only say, “Yeah.”

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