Another Fun Mosque Fight: Laura Ingraham Vs. Conservative Muslim Muhammad Ali Hasan

O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham continued her week-long quest to get every supporter of the “Ground Zero Mosque” to comment on Imam Rauf’s post 9/11 statements tonight when she brought on Muhammad Ali Hasan, the founder of Muslims for Bush, an organization that is pretty much what it sounds like. While the decibel level of the argument didn’t get as high as the past two fights this week, the tensions weren’t any way lowered.

While Ali Hasan’s Republican credentials are seemingly about as strong as they come, he did write an article for that bastian of evil lefty nonsense, the Huffington Post. While he was trying to make his point that the Muslim congregation in question had been in the area already for more than two decades, a helpful chyron at the bottom of the screen informed audience members that he “wrote in Huffington Post that mosque opponents are bigots.” No matter what viewers felt about him at that point, chances are they weren’t going to be fans after that. They might as well have thrown a chyron up that said “EATS BABIES.”

Ingraham herself hammers Ali Hasan on this point at the end of the segment, claiming that he was alienating Conservatives with comments like that. She’s most certainly right. However, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that maybe, just maybe, Conservative Muslims like Ali Hasan are feeling a little alienated right now as well.

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