Anthony Weiner: The BP Staffers Speaking To Media With British Accents Are All Lying

US Representative Anthony Weiner (D – NY) appeared on Morning Joe this morning and discussed, among other things, the media relations efforts of the British Petroleum company. And he did not shy from harsh criticism when he simplified how viewer’s should read any comments made by BP publicists thusly: “Here’s a viewer’s guide to BP media briefings: whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking about this on behalf of British Petroleum, they are not telling you the truth.”

BP CEO Tony Hayward has been in the news a lot of late, and not at all for reasons one would want. After claiming he was sorry for the environmental disaster, he followed with “I want my life back.” He also was quoted as saying that the leak was but a tiny spill in a “very big ocean.” And, of course, there is that whole oil spill that he needs stop.

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